Our Mission;

To be a leading frozen food company in the world, within the framework of international quality standards, by combining the experience of our deep-rooted industrial past with value-added and creative collaborations;
To experience the privilege of being a successful team in any field of activity, by putting respect and love for people at the center of our attention, with an awareness of our environmental and social responsibilities, feeling the power of pleasure with us at all times ;
To be a company where our employees feel happy and privileged, where innovative and creative approaches are encouraged, thus increasing their participation and support in our quality management system.

The principles that we, as all of our employees, follow in our commercial journey are the basis of our quality policy. To be a reliable and sought-after company that is a pioneer in its sector, producing products with high quality standards that fully meet the satisfaction, needs and expectations of our customers in all our processes;

  • To continuously improve, develop and grow in all our activities in order to meet the ever changing and evolving expectations and demands of our customers and to provide products and services of the highest quality (in accordance with expected quality, legal requirements and food safety requirements).
  • To increase the quality awareness and food safety culture of all our business partners through projects, trainings and audits in line with our product and production quality. We aim to continuously improve our food safety culture.
  • To make the best use of natural and company-owned resources and to protect the environment by utilizing renewable and transformable energy resources.
  • To adopt our corporate identity understanding to all our employees and to ensure its continuity by maintaining professional ethics at the highest values.
  • To produce within the framework of high hygiene standards, using advanced technology to protect and ensure human health.