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E. Özgörkey Group

Established in 1951, E. Özgörkey Group, which operates in various sectors, mainly in the beverage sector, has been carrying out the production, sales, marketing and distribution of The Coca-Cola Company's products in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions between 1968 and 1998. Today, E. Özgörkey Group, which has significant investments in the automotive, tourism, hotel management and construction sectors, has transferred its experience of more than half a century to the agricultural and food sector with Özgörkey Gıda, which was established in 1998.

Özgörkey Gıda Feast

With Feast, the pioneering and innovative brand of the frozen food sector, Özgörkey Gıda has completed Türkiye's largest and most modern integrated frozen food production facility, the foundations of which were laid in 1998 in Torbalı, Izmir, in less than two years and started operations in 2000.

With products exported to nearly 70 countries across six continents, Özgörkey Gıda has been serving as a reliable supplier to leading and prestigious brands in the industry. Since its establishment, Özgörkey Gıda has been a dominant force in the out-of-home consumption channel, holding a 30% market share in Türkiye under the Feast brand In early 2008, Feast entered the national retail sector and is currently the most innovative and fastest growing brand in the market.

Özgörkey Gıda, as one of the most important organizations in the Turkish food sector, employs approximately 800 people in its Torbalı facilities.

Cake Studio

Without slowing down its investments, Özgörkey Gıda entered the frozen cake category in 2012. Accordingly, a business marriage with Cake Studio was realized. Founded in 2003 by two courageous entrepreneurs with big dreams in a small 50 m2 dessert workshop in Kalamış, Istanbul, the Cake Studio brand was integrated into the group in 2012.

After joining the Özgörkey Gıda family, the brand started production in June 2014 in the newly established bakery at the Özgörkey Torbalı production facility. As of 2017, the company has been fully incorporated into Özgörkey Gıda. Özgörkey Gıda, together with Cake Studio, is currently the clear leader and market-creating brand in the cake category in the retail channel.